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Here at Midland Brakes we offer an impressive range of services which are cost effective and efficient
in time.

An exciting NEW product that MBL now offers are bespoke Carbon Ceramic Brake discs. These can be made to replace your existing discs or we can design a new disc on our CAD system of any size upto 480mm diameter to suit your individual requirements.

MBL also will reline your Vintage Vehicle brakes and clutches. We have a vast knowledge gained over many years working in this area. We stock a wide range of friction materials that will meet all your particular requirements.

A new addition to the MBL workshop is the Brake Disc & Drum Skimming machine. As brake discs and drums get older they can get scored and wear unevenly. They may also warp a bit due to constantly getting hot and cold in normal operation. We can machine these defects out of your disc or drum so you can brake again with a freshly machine surface.

MBL reline and produce friction for the vast majority of organic industrial friction applications such as Forging Presses from Aida Bliss through to Wilkins & Mitchell and all others in-between, Passenger and Freight Elevators, Paper mill machinery, Marine, Gantry Cranes, Fork Lift Trucks, Mobile Cranes and many others.

Take a look through all of our services that we offer and if you can't find it listed or just want to talk through your particular application please feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to assist you in your requirements.


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