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Full In-House Services


Bonding - From the smallest mini-moto shoes to the largest diameter press plates and anything in between, here at MBL we provide a full in-house bonding service.

In fact, we provide a relining service for the majority of organic applications.  As well as shoes and pads, we can reline brake bands for application in marine, military and lifting industries to name but a few.

Our fast turn round service means most jobs are completed in only 24 hours!


Riveting - For larger items that cannot be hot bonded, we have the ability to rivet items up to a weight of 1 tonne.

Of course, we still offer our riveting service on smaller items too! We offer riveting services for items such as brake bands, vintage vehicle clutch plates, lift shoes, etc. When you're in need of shoes in a hurry don’t worry, our riveting service can be used as a 1 hour emergency service.



Turning - Our maximum turn size is 711mm and we can bore any size that you require, or indeed leave whole for friction pucks. All discs are made to measure customer requirements. For larger size applications, we can machine segments to suit and cut from our vast range of friction sheets.


3-D CNC Milling - We have the ability to machine most major brake and clutch applications for machine presses. Our in-house CAD/CAM design enables us to machine to your exact specifications. We keep an extensive range of brake and clutch blocks on file ready to produce them for you at short notice to keep your production flowing.


Fabrication – Here at MBL we have the experience to produce whatever metal parts you require. Whether it be a cast part or a new brake band we can produce and supply you with these fully lined and ready to fit.



Flat Bed - We have a 1100mm wide capability and can grind to almost any thickness.


Radial Grinding - Commercial and Industrial brake shoes can be ground to suit exact drum diameters.

Clutch Plates
Press Blocks
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