Carbon Ceramic Disc Brakes

MBL produces lightweight Carbon Ceramic disc brakes for high-performance cars where users are interested in increased braking performance, weight saving, improved handling and reduced brake wear.

We produce bespoke Carbon Ceramic disc brakes to suit your needs. We can manufacture any disc upto 420mm diameter.

We also provided an in house CAD facility to create your new Carbon disc if you do not have a disc to be replicated.


Whilst the carbon-ceramic discs you find on many of today's high end production cars conventionally use discontinuous (chopped) carbon fibre pieces, MBL’s discs are made by interweaving carbon fibre to form a 3D needle-punched multi layered pre-form, producing a stronger and more durable product with much better heat conductivity over standard production components, this keeps the brake  temperatures down and the brake performance more consistent.

MBL can supply you with just the discs to fit your bells if your vehicle runs a two piece disc or we can supply you with the new bells and fixings for your new discs, we can also source the required pads to go with the new setup.


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