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Brake Disc & Drum Skimming

Brake Disc and Drum Skimming - Sometimes also known as machining or resurfacing, put simply a brake disc is the metal plate that your brake pads squeeze against to stop the motion of your wheels. In drum brakes a brake shoe squeezes against the brake drum surface with the same effect. For effective stopping the brake pads or shoes need to fit flush against the surface of the disc or drum. Any problems with the surface of your brake discs or drums can cause premature wearing of your brake pads, vibrations or grinding noises when braking and dangerously effect your braking distances.


As brake discs and drums get older they can get scored and wear unevenly. They may also warp a bit due to constantly getting hot and cold in normal operation.

When the brake pads or brake shoes are replaced they have a perfect surface and if the old discs or drums they are installed against, if there is not a perfect surface, without being machined back, the pads or shoes only contact on the high points and brake efficiency can be diminished.

We can expertly skim your discs or drums to give them a perfect finish for the new pads or shoes to mate against, improving the brake efficiency and wear life of your new parts. In turn, saving you money on purchasing expensive new brake discs or drums and knowing that the parts that we have machined will fit straight back onto your vehicle.

We offer a fast and efficient service machining your brake discs or drums often having them ready the same day.

Nissan R35 Brake Disc
Skimmed Brake Drum
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