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​MBL910 - is a semi-flexible Non Asbestos woven brake lining material for medium and heavy duty applications. The solid composite is woven from several types of fabric containing brass wire and impregnated with specially developed resins. This dense, tough friction material exhibits high resistance to heat and wear and excellent durability under load.

Applications - MBL910 is extensively used in marine and industrial applications. It is suitable for winch and windlass, hoist crane, forging press brake, drilling and work over rigs, agricultural vehicles, elevators and construction machinery.

MBL910 is supplied for use on oil immersed applications; It is oil and grease resistant and is suitable for light to medium duty operation in oil.


We keep a large stock here at MBL which can be cut to your required sizes and sent to you on a next day delivery within the UK.

For larger orders we can ship direct from our production facility in the far east to your local port.

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